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Honda's 3R Approch to Batteries

One philosophy that Honda follows is the 3R approach to conducting business: reduce, reuse, recycle. It comes to no surprise to us at Rensselaer Honda to hear that the Japanese auto maker has made a remarkable breakthrough in this area.

Honda, in conjunction with Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., has found a new way to extract rare earth metals from nickel-metal hydride batteries that are commonly found in hybrid vehicles. The cool thing about this is…

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Yuasa Battery Sales Ups its Investment in Honda Racing

When you visit Rensselaer Honda, serving the greater Troy area, you'll find a wide range of new Honda models for sale. And while Honda is lauded for its hip style, solid build quality, and envious fuel economy at our dealership, the Japanese automaker has established an entirely different reputation in the racing world.

The prestige that Honda embodies on the track is defined by breakneck speeds, hairpin turns, and, of course, edge-of-your-seat victories. And let's not forget the victory laps that follow. Yes, Honda knows how to put on a good show, and they've managed to capture…

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