Do I Need A Delivery Coordinator?

November 26th, 2013 by

Have you ever heard of a Delivery Coordinator? Most people in the Northeast haven?t. Rensselaer Honda is the only dealership in the area that offers their customers the option of a Delivery Coordinators expertise.

With the increasing technology available in automobiles, many people need instruction on how to sync their Bluetooth phone with their car, program their door locks and lights, and learn how to use their navigation systems. A Delivery Coordinator will assist you with all of the options your new Honda offers.

After you’ve met with the salesperson to finalize your papers, if you wish, the Delivery Coordinator will take you to your new Honda. At that time they will go through your new car and go over the following details;

How to use your key fob.
Where the trunk, gas and hood release are.
Make sure your mirrors, seat and headrest are adjusted for safety.
When to use your Econ button.
Where the headlights, blinker, wipers and four way flashers can be located.
How to you your steering wheel controls to make and receive phone calls, adjust your radio and set your cruise control.
Using your cell phone, they will link your phone to the car and help you set up your speed dials.
You?ll be instructed on how to use your voice activated navigation system, if applicable.
The Delivery Coordinator will also go through the settings for the door locks,lighting, radio presets and car security to make sure they meet with your personal preferences.
How to use the climate control system in the car.
Where to find the phone charger, USB and auxiliary connector.
Since this is a lot of information to take in, the Rensselaer Honda Delivery Coordinator is available for addition appointments to make sure you?re comfortable with all the technology a new Honda offers. This is at no cost to you.

Rensselaer Hondas main goal is to make sure you?re satisfied with your new car. Our Delivery Coordinator will be a big part of making sure that happens.