Electric Charging Myths Debunked

May 31st, 2018 by

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Exterior
While electric vehicles (EVs) have been on the road for several years, there is still much confusion surrounding how electric charging works and how driving an EV affects daily life.  Some of the biggest myths involve the cost and ease of electric charging, but in truth, electric charging offers many advantages over traditional gasoline vehicles.

Is Electric Charging Expensive?

Charging an EV is actually quite cost-effective compared to a traditional gasoline car. While you may spend anywhere from $30-50 a week at the pump, most public electric charging stations are either free to use or charge around $2/hour. Many public chargers are able to fully charge an EV in under three hours.

Installing a home charger in your garage will make your EV ready to go every morning, and will have minimal effect on your electric bill compared to what you’re spending on gas. The national average cost for electricity is 12 cents per kWh, and since most EVs will be fully charged at 20 kWh, that’s a mere $2.40 to fill up your vehicle. Add that up over the course of a week, and you’ll spend only $16.80 on average to drive green.

Maintaining an EV is also more affordable in the long term. Because it does not have a conventional engine, there is considerably less routine maintenance. Say goodbye to oil changes forever!

Is Electric Charging Difficult?

It is true that owning an EV requires drivers to be more mindful of their energy consumption. Because charging stations are not yet as ubiquitous as gas stations, planning routes within your vehicle’s battery life is essential. Thankfully, there are many tools available to help EV drivers find power quickly and easily. Apps such as ChargePoint and PlugShare connect drivers to charging stations in their area, and even show whether or not those plugs are currently in use.

A home charger will allow you to charge while you sleep, eliminating the need for any extra stops. If you are unable to charge at home, you will need to plan your routes and charging needs in advance, but with a little foresight, you’ll be able to charge while you run your daily errands.

Experience Electric Driving

If you are interested in trying the green driving lifestyle, the Honda Clarity offers electric driving with a gas backup. Compare it to models like the Nissan Leaf, browse our Honda Clarity inventory, then schedule a test drive today at Rensselaer Honda!

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