Honda Aims to Bolster Hydrogen Infrastructure Through H2USA

June 25th, 2013 by

There are a lot of environmentally friendly models in the Honda line-up that offer highly competitive options when it comes to saving on gas. Yet when it comes to the fuel cell technology for the FCX Clarity, the Japanese manufacturer is decidedly ahead of its time.

We at Rensselaer Honda have been watching all the steps and development Honda has been making in the fuel cell technology for a long time now. We’re excited. After all, how could we not be, hearing phrases like “hydrogen fuel cell” and “zero-emission?” Also, knowing that the automaker has been leasing the FCX Clarity for 5 years–since 2008–also gives us a sense of pride.

But like we mentioned before, the availability of servicing this technology has not caught up with Honda’s progress in this sector.

Because of this, the hydrogen fuel cell auto is only available via lease in select cities, but that may soon change thanks to their partnership with H2USA. Their involvement in that project, which is an initiative launched by the Department of Energy (DOE) here in the U.S., aims to improve hydrogen infrastructure, building more filling stations, and ultimately put more of the FCX Clarity on the road.

The way that Honda is aggressively pursuing hydrogen fuel cell technology, the wait to see the zero-emission car in Troy, NY may not be long at all. We’ll keep you updated on all the happenings with H2USA, and of course, Honda, through our blog.

In the meantime, we’d love to share our eco-friendly new cars with you. Contact us through our website, or if you’re interested in a test drive, stop by our dealership.

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