Honda History with Rensselaer Honda

December 3rd, 2012 by

Enthusiasts in Albany, Troy, Latham and Schenectady know plenty about the current new Honda vehicles offered today. But how well do you know about the brand’s history here within the United States? Well, Rensselaer Honda would like to take a moment and turn back the clocks to when the first Honda Accord rolled off the line in Ohio.


Thirty years ago, Honda began production at a facility in Marysville, Ohio, marking the first time a Japanese automaker assembled a model in the United States. Not only did this pioneering move pave the way for the automotive landscape within our nation but it laid a foundation for the future of U.S.-based Honda manufacturing for years to come.


Flash forward in time and Honda hosts a strong network of seven automotive plants within North America. In total, the brand has invested $12.3 billion in the United States and holds a team of more than 26,000 skilled workers. What’s more, the innovative brand has never had to lay off a single employee. Even when Japan’s natural disaster presented a major bump in the road in 2011, workers were retained and paid in spite of production cuts.


Now how’s that for dedication? Rensselaer Honda, for one, is sure glad to know where our favorite automaker came from. Any history buffs out there eager to know more about the brand’s past can simply swing by our Albany area location at any point in time and we’d be happy to share.

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