Honda Wifi In the 2018 Odyssey

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Honda Wifi

Honda Wifi In the 2018 Odyssey

Honda Wifi in the 2018 Odyssey Touring and Elite package can bring your favorite digital content together through your center console with available 4G LTE Wi-Fi no matter where you are. Using AT&T’s 4g LTE network up to 7 passengers are able to connect to wifi with capable devices while you are on the road. Passengers will be able to watch videos, play video games, stream music and much more. setting up the wifi network and hotspot is simple. The first step is to purchase a low cost data plan from AT&T or add it to your existing plan. Click Here for more information about AT&T prices plans.

Once the plan is purchased through AT&T setting it up is easy. Just follow these simple steps below.

  1. Select settings on the Home screen
  2. Select connections
  3. Press Wifi
  4. Press Change mode
  5. From there 3 options will be available. Network, Hotspot & Off.


• Allows the vehicle to connect to the internet through a wifi network

To choose network just select…

network -> Press save -> Then press continue.


• Allows devices to connect to the vehicle and share the vehicles wifi connection.

To choose Hotspot just select…

Hotspot -> Choose an available network from the list -> Enter a password if necessary -> Press connect


• Turns the vehicles wifi off.

Just select off and all wireless networks and Hotspots will be off.

Watch the video Below for more information on Honda Wifi.

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