How to Setup & Operate The 2017 Honda CR-V Navigation

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2017 Honda CR-V Navigation

The 2017 Honda CR-V Navigation is available on the EX-L with Navigation and Touring models. The Honda CR-V uses a Garmin®-based navigation system* with stunning graphics and simplified functionality. A simplified voice-recognition system has also been implemented to make finding destinations, addresses, and businesses easier than ever before. This article below will show you how to use the 2017 Honda CR-V navigation.

2017 Honda CR-V Navigation


To get started press the navigation icon on the home screen.

From there it is very intuitive and easy to use. You will be presented with two big  “Where To?” and a “View Map” icon. You will also see 2 smaller icons which are Apps and Settings.

Where To?

Pressing the “Where to?” icon brings up short cuts of types of destinations you might be looking for such as restaurants, gas or Home.

Universal Search Bar

The 2017 Honda CR-V navigation also added a universal search bar at the top. This allows the driver or passenger to find any destination by name or address easier than ever before. After the destination is found just select it and press Go to start the route guidance. *Remember that once the vehicle is moving faster than 13mph you can only set the destination by using voice commands. This is done by pressing the voice command button on the steering wheel.

 Go Home

On the “Where To?” search page you can also navigate back home by selecting the “Go Home” icon. when the “Go Home” icon is selected for the first time it will prompt you to enter your home address.

There are many other shortcut icons such as gas and restaurants. More shortcuts can be added as well. Just scroll down to the button of the page and select “add shortcut”. On the bottom right hand side you can also select the recent icon to find a destination that you navigated to in the past. On the top right hand side you will also notice the City and State the navigation system is searching in. Just tap that area and you will be able to change the search area in order to search for destinations out side of your area.

View Map

This will bring up the map so you can view the map with out have a desired destination set.


Pressing menu allows you to make changes to locations and shortcuts. Just follow the on screen prompts to make the necessary changes.


Pressing the apps icon brings up many tools to help you through a trip such as “The Trip Planner”, “Where I’ve Been”, a calculator and a unit converter.


This is where you can customize the map to your liking such as adding layers, viewing 3D buildings and much more. You can also change your vehicle  to any type of car you want.

For a full video tutorial and the complete navigation manual click here.


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