How to use Adaptive Cruise Control With Low Speed Folow

September 4th, 2018 by

Adaptive Cruise Control

What is Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control with low speed follow also known as (ACC) helps maintain a set following-interval on the highway, so you don’t have to change your speed. With low speed follow the adaptive cruise control will actually bring the vehicle to a complete stop and will automatically accelerate back to the set speed. Adaptive cruise control does not pick up on traffic signals and road signs so it is still best used during highway driving where traffic lights stop signs etc. are not located.

How to Activate Adaptive Cruise Control

Using Adaptive Cruise Control is easy. All you have to do is:

• Press the main button on the steering wheel. Once engaged you will see the letters ACC light up on your dash.

•  The second step is to accelerate to the desired speed.

• When the vehicle is at the desired speed press the set minus button on the steering wheel and the system will set the cruise speed to the desired speed.

  • ACC can also be set while the vehicle is stopped by just pressing the set minus button. When this is done the vehicle will automatically set the cruise speed to the minimum speed of 25mph

And thats it! Adaptive cruise control is now on and set to the desired speed.

How to operate Adaptive Cuise Control

• Once the speed is set, up to 4 distance bars will appear on the dash next to ACC representing the the set following distance. The following distance can be set to short, middle, long, and extra long.

• Press the distance button on the steering wheel to change the following distance to the desired distance. The distances will vary depending on the set speed. For example, the slower the vehicle is traveling the shorter the following distance will be. At the same distance setting the following distance will increase as the vehicle speed increases.

• A vehicle icon will also appear on the dash next to ACC.

• The vehicle icon will be just an outline when no vehicles are detected ahead and will fill into a solid vehicle when a vehicle is detected ahead.

• When a vehicle in front of you comes to a complete stop your vehicle will automatically stop as well. Once the vehicle comes to a complete stop a stopped message will appear on the dash.

• When the vehicle in front accelerates again the vehicle icon on the dash will start blinking. To resume operation press the res plus button on the steering wheel or press the accelerator and the vehicle will automatically accelerate and resume the adaptive cruise control.

• To cancel ACC press the cancel or main button on the steering wheel or depress the brake pedal.

• If you want to use cruise control but don’t want ACC on just press the distance button for at least 1 second. To turn ACC back on just press and hold the distance button again for at least 1 second.


Watch the video below for more detailed instructions.