What Is And How to use Honda Apple Car Play

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Honda Apple Car Play

Honda Apple Car Play allows you to control the apps on your phone through your cars audio system. This includes the phone, music, maps, messages, pandora and even more apps. The best thing about this feature is you don’t have to learn how to use it. You can see with the photos below that the car display mirrors your phones display and functionality. Therefore if you know how to use your phone using Apple Car Play will not be a problem. Another bonus is that you no longer have to get a vehicle with navigation if you have Apple Car Play. The Maps app will give visual and verbal turn by turn directions right on the vehicles display just like a vehicle navigation would. The only difference is it uses the phones navigation instead of the vehicles navigation.

Honda Apple Car Play Honda Apple Car Play MusicHonda Apple Car Play Maps Honda Apple Car Play Contacts

How to use Honda Apple Car Play

Using Honda Apple car play is very simple. All you have to do is take your apple phone plug it in and the vehicle system will automatically open Apple Car Play. From there it’s just like using your phone. The only difference is that you are operating it from the vehicles display. Watch HondaPro Jason’s video below to see how simple it is to setup.

Below is a list of Honda models that Apple Car play is offered on.

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