Tips to Keep your Car in Top Shape While you Travel

September 29th, 2012 by

We here at Rensselaer Honda, serving Albany and Troy, know how much money goes into a new Honda. So we are writing today to give you some tips to keep your car in top condition especially when you will be away for long periods of time.


The first thing you should do is to top of your gas. By having a full tank in your car, it makes it more difficult for condensation to develop in the gas tank. As a side benefit you will be ready to go when you get back.


Where ever you leave your Honda, do not leave the parking break set. Leaving your parking break up can result in corrosion, which will hurt your wallet with an expensive Honda part. Rather than using the brake, put your vehicle on jack stands to keep the weight off the tires and wheels.


Once you have taken care of the first few steps, give your car a nice wash and wax. Why would you wash your car before your trip? By washing your car prior to a long trip you will be protecting the finish of your paint job, and besides you should be doing this weekly anyways.


Now it’s time to venture under the hood. Specifically, you’ll want to disconnect the battery in order to ensure it doesn’t drain from sitting idling for too long. By connecting it to a trickletype or low-voltage charger before setting it back in when you return, you can ensure you have a working battery.


Finally, the last step is to simply plug the tailpipe of your car with a rag. Doing this will stop moist air from entering your exhaust and causing big problems down the road.


Upon returning from your trip, you should find that your Honda is in as good shape as when you left it. What’s more, your trips to the Honda service experts at Rensselaer Honda (770 Hoosick Rd. Troy, NY 12180) will remain limited to routine appointments.

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