Using Honda Android Auto: How it Works and What it Does

November 8th, 2016 by

Using Honda Android Auto

Using Honda Android Auto allows the driver to connect with the world with ease using their Android phone. Everything is easily accessed on the in dash touch screen and voice controls located on the steering wheel. The picture below shows what the touchscreen will look like once your phone is connected.

Using Honda Android Auto

What Honda Android Auto Does

Using Honda Android Auto is as simple as plugging your compatible android phone into the quick charge USB port to automatically begin the pairing process. When paired press Android Auto on the in dash touch screen. Functionality is the same as your phone so it is very easy to use.

Read below to learn what can be done with the android Auto.

• Get tips and useful information to see how far you are from home, what local events are near by and let you know when you are by a place that you frequently visit.

• Talking to Google can be accessed by pressing the talk button on the steering wheel for two seconds. From there you can call or text your friends and family without taking you hands off the steering wheel.

• Use google maps with turn by turn navigation through Android Auto. To use it just press the talk button for two seconds and say navigate to “and then the place you would like to go.”

• To play music just press the music icon on the in dash touch screen. Another way to play music is to press the talk on the steering wheel for two seconds and say “play”  and then what ever song you would like to listen too.

Other features on Android Auto offers is listening to podcasts, getting sport scores, creating reminders, sending and receiving messages and lots more without being distracted from the road. Some third party apps are even available on Android Auto.

Watch this video below to see for yourself how Android Auto works and what it offers.

Hondas that offer Android Auto include the Civic, the Accord and many other models will be offering it soon.

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