What Car should I buy?

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What Car should I buy? This is a question not easily answered since everyone has different wants and needs out of a vehicle. Luckily Honda has a vehicle for everyone. Below is a list of Honda’s describing all their different features and technology to help you narrow down to the perfect vehicle.

Honda Civic


The civic is perfect for a buyer who is price conscious but doesn’t want to make any sacrifices. The civic comes standard with Bluetooth, Back-up camera and many more features. Other features are available depending on trim level such as Apple car play, Honda sensing, push to start, heated seats and much more.



Honda Accord


Add more space and luxury with the Accord. The Accord is a little pricier but in return the Accord offers  more space, more power and many more features such as Honda sensing on every accord and the Head Up display offered on the touring model.



Honda FitFit

The Fit is probably the most versatile vehicle in Honda’s line up. It may appear small from the outside but once inside it’s obvious how much room the fit has. This is all made possible with the magic seats. The cars seats fold up in so many different ways it’s hard to find something that won’t fit from tall objects, to long objects and bigger bulkier items, the Fit can handle it all.



Honda HR-VHR-V

Looking for something a little bigger than the Fit but still want the versatility of the magic seats? Then the HR-V might be the perfect vehicle. The HR-V is available in AWD and bigger than a hatchback but smaller than an SUV. This cross over is perfect for fitting the whole crew while retraining the flexibility of the magic seats.



Honda CR-VCR-V

The CR-V is the most bought vehicle in upstate New York, and for good reason. This is the perfect SUV providing real time all wheel drive to help when the roads get slick. It provides plenty of room for family and friends. The CR-V also has a turbo charged engine to get you up to speed quick while retaining good gas millage so you don’t hurt your wallet on those long trips.




Honda PilotPilot

The Pilot is a perfect vehicle for families. It sits 8 people and still has plenty of room for storage. Like the CR-V the pilot also comes in AWD to help out when road conditions are poor. A tow hitch can be added as well to tow anything from boats to trailers. This is a perfect vehicle to fit the entire family with more room and power to haul all your gear for what ever adventure you are on.



Honda OdysseyOdyssey

The Odyssey is the perfect vehicle for young families. Like the Pilot the Odyssey can sit 8 people. Although the Odyssey has a standard feature that’s only available the Pilot Elite trim level. The center seat in the middle row of the odyssey can be removed and stored away so you can have two car seats in the middle row while still being able to pass through to the third row seats with out climbing over the seats. This is a key feature for families with two kids that are still in car seats.



Honda Ridgeline


The Ridgeline is the only truck in Honda’s lineup. This truck has many options not available on other trucks such as the in bed trunk storage area and the dual hinged tailgate. This midsize truck is perfect to tackle all your weekend projects while giving you a comfortable ride for your everyday driving. Not to speak the Ridgeline is packed with all the features the other Honda models have so you can benefit from driving a truck but with out sacrificing any safety features or conveniences.



Honda ClarityClarity Plug-In Hybrid

The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is perfect for anyone who is trying to be environmentally friendly or just save money at the pump with out making any sacrifices. The Clarity Plug-In hybrid is a full size sedan that runs on electric and gas and at times can be run on just electric alone. Therefore you can save money at the pump, help the planet but still have room to sit five people comfortably and still have plenty of room for storage in the spacious trunk.




Want a hybrid but don’t want to sacrifice looks? The insight is the perfect vehicle. The redesigned insight changed a lot from its original form. Now it’s the Hybrid we all have been waiting for. Taking styling queues from the civic it looks like a normal car but gives you all the benefits of a hybrid. With the Insight we can finally drive an affordable environmentally friendly vehicle with confidence in the way it looks and performs.



I hope this helped answer your question, What Car should I buy?. Feel free to stop in to your local Honda dealer, Rensselaer Honda to test these vehicles out for yourself.

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