What is Honda ECON Button and How does It Work?

May 15th, 2017 by

Econ Button

What is Honda ECON Button?

Many customers are misinformed about how the Honda ECON button works and what it actually does. Hopefully we will be able to clear that up for you here. First we will talk about what it is. This part is pretty simple. All the ECON button is designed for is to save gas by slightly changing how certain aspects of the vehicle operates.

How Does Honda ECON Button Work ?

Honda ECON Button works by changing how your throttle response, cruise control, air condition and transmission works.

  • The throttle response is affected in the middle range. The beginning and end range of the throttle response is not effected. Therefore the difference will be felt at highway speeds. The gas pedal will feel a little softer reducing acceleration but gaining better gas milage.
  • While in cruise control with the ECON button on the transmission wont shift down as quickly. Therefore while driving up a hill in cruise control the vehicle may decrease in speed until the vehicle reaches the crest of thill in order to save gas.
  • The ECON button also effects the air conditioner by turning the compressor on and of more frequently which will save fuel. The down fall is that the vehicle will take much longer too cool down on a hot humid day.
  • Last but not least the transmission changes the shift points in order to be more fuel efficient while in ECON Mode.

If any of these changes are cumbersome to you just turn off ECON Mode by pressing the green ECON button to the left of the steering wheel. when a green leaf is illuminated on the dash then the ECON button is on. If you don’t see the green leaf on the dash then you know Econ mode is off.

Below is a youtube video to further explain the ECON Button.

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