Winter Driving Tips: How to prepare and how to drive with confidence

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Winter Driving Tips

Driving in winter weather can be very difficult and scary. It is important to know the winter driving rules and to use caution while driving in bad weather such as snow and ice. Read below for some winter driving tips.

Winter Driving Tips


Have your battery checked and replaced if needed. When the weather is cold a fully charged battery is required to start a vehicle.

Have the brakes checked.

Install snow tires during the winter seasons and check them regularly for wear, punctures and make sure the tire pressure is set to the correct PSI.

Makes sure the windshield wipers and wiper fluid is working properly.

Prepare a winter driving kit with materials such as shovel, flashlight, abrasive material like sand or salt, snow brush blanket and anything else you might need.

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Driving Techniques

• Follow from a safe distance. It is recommended to stay about 10 seconds behind the vehicle you are following during snow conditions.

• Do not brake suddenly. In slick conditions this can result in loss of control. Above 25 MPH it may be better to steer away from danger instead of braking. If you must stop quickly and need to use the brakes hold the brakes down only if the vehicle has an ABS system. If the vehicle is not equipped with an ABS system pump the brakes to avoid sliding.

• Accelerate slowly to avoid spinning the tires. If you have a manual transmission it is a good idea to start in second gear.

• The best practice for turning is to brake/slowdown, turn then accelerate. Therefore you are not accelerating or decelerating while turning. This will help avoid skidding.


Watch this video below for more winter driving tips. or download this brochure on how to drive in snowy and icy conditions.


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